VZ-VMS-UNICORN-SOFTWARE – Integrated Surveillance Platform

VZ-VMS-UNICORN-SOFTWARE – Integrated Surveillance Platform



The Unicorn is an integrated surveillance platform with video input, storage, transfer and device management functions designed specifically for digital surveillance applications. The Unicorn has
adopted audio/video compression and decompression, embedded system, storage, network, and technologies and it is suitable for security surveillance scenarios such as residential areas, buildings, campus, hotels, and shopping malls etc.

Key Features

  • Stability: Linux OS, dual-BIOS, redundant power, two-server hot standby
  • Compatibility: Third-party IP Cameras supported with standard ONVIF and RTSP
  • Access: Browser/Server, Client/Server and mobile clients (both iOS and Android)
  • Connection: 1000 device connections, up to 2000 channels of high-definition network videos Management: Unified management of IPC, NVR, face recognition terminal, decoder, network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm control panel and door access control, support devices’ configuration import/export
  • Storage: Max 16 hard disks and 2 disk enclosures; expandable up to 48 disks with 672TB storage, recording backup, IPSAN storage
  • Decoding: Max 16×1080P decoding outputs in three screens, expandable up to 112×1080P in 15 screens with 2 decoding cards inserted
  • Service: Live view, playback, sequence, video wall, GIS map, two-way audio, and alarm plan
  • Reliability: Support of HTTPS, 802.1x authentication, ARP protection, Telnet enabling/disabling, network fault tolerance, multi-IP configuration, load balancing, secure password and IP address filtering
  • Operation and maintenance: Provide a comprehensive management dashboard, server status, device/channel online/offline status HDD status, online users, bandwidth usage, packet loss rate, log query


Video management
Number of connected cameras per server 1000 devices or 2000 channels
1000 devices connected via Onvif
Number of connected face recognition terminals 128
Image processing performanceImage processing performance Receive vehicle or face images: 100 images per second
Note: For example, if each device uploads 1 image per second, then 100 devices can be connected; if each device uploads 5 images per second, then 20 devices can be connected
Device management IPC, NVR, face recognition terminal decoder(standard/expanded), network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm control panel and door access control
Number of 3rd party alarm control panels/access control devices 30
Numbers of users 1000
Numbers of online users 300
Numbers of roles per user 16
Bandwidth of video input per server 512Mbps
Bandwidth of video output per server 384Mbps
Video compression Ultra265, H.265, H.264
Decoding 4×4K@30, 16×1080p@30, 36×720p@30, 64×D1
Resolution 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/960P/720P/960H/D1/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
Display on video wall HDMI(×2) and VGA(×1) output; HDMI output supports 4K resolution
Audio compression G.711A G.711 μ
Decoding card (optional) Max 2 cards supported; models: HDMI4 C and HDMI6 C
HDMI4 C decoding card 4 ch HDMI outputs, with decoding of 4*4K@60 or 8*4K@30 or 32*1080P@30 or 64*720P@30
HDMI6 C decoding card 6 ch HDMI outputs, with decoding of 6*4K@60 or 12*4K@30 or 48*1080P@30 or 96*720P@30
HDD installation Hot swappable HDDs
Support 16 HDDs (3.5″, up to 14 TB for each )
Performance of video storage per server 512Mbps/ 256 channels
Disk enclosure (optional) Max 2 disk enclosures supported; models: DEU1008 and DEU1016
DEU1008 disk enclosure 8xSATA interfaces, up to 14 TB storage per interface
DEU1016 disk enclosure 16xSATA interfaces, up to 14 TB storage per interface
Play control
1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 16 17 25 32 / 36 64 window display
Corridor format
Up to 3 auxiliary monitors
Play NVR recordings
Up to 24 channels for multiple clients ; synchronous playback up to 16 channels for single client
Data Info
Alarm Records 200,000
Operation logs 200,000
Face capture records 3 million
Face alarm records 3 million
Vehicle pass through records 3 million
Structured motor vehicle, non motor vehicle and pedestrian records 3 million
Access control entry/exit records 3 million
Alarm processing capacity
Main Processor Intel(R) CPU
Memory 4GB DDR3L
Power supply 100 240 VAC (with power on/off switch)
Dual power redundancy
Network 4×10M/100M/1000M Base T adaptive Ethernet interfaces
2×1000M SFP optical interfaces
USB 4×USB3.0
Serial 1×RS-232 (RJ45), 1×RS 485 (RJ45)
Alarm input/output 24×alarm inputs, 8×alarm outputs
Power output 12 V DC
Audio alarm Buzzer
ExpansionExpansion 1×eSATA interface
2×miniSAS interfaces
2×decoding cards
Power consumption ≤ 50W (not including HDD)
≤ 165W (including HDD)
Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
Operating humidity 10% to 90% (non condensing)
Weight ≤ 10.0 Kg
Dimensions (D×W×H) Height: 3U, support mounting in standard 19″ cabinet
477.1 mm × 481.6 mm × 130.5 mm (18.8”×19”×5.1”) (including front panel)

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